Hector Molini


Hector Molini possessed a strong entrepreneurial drive even from an early age.  Born in a coastal town in Puerto Rico and raised in a single parent household,  he taught himself how to build websites when he was a teenager.  Hector would charge businesses for his service and used the profits from his work to pay for travel expenses for his advanced level soccer team, a top 5 team in the U.S... Read More

Nate Smith Baltazar Group Principal Business Investment Charleston South Carolina

Nate Smith


Exposure to a wide range of elite clientele taught Nate how to develop value-based relationships and creatively problem solve with an eye towards maximizing the benefit of all parties. The ability to set and achieve goals, cultivate opportunities, and strategically manage the big picture have been pillars of his accomplishments. Nate established a pedigree of success that was demonstrated throughout his eight years as a world-class professional golfer. Acute attention to detail, coupled with a tireless determination to succeed, give Nate the ability to execute directives through proper resource management... Read More





Mark, a lawyer, draws on more than 35 years experience working on complex domestic and international public policy issues. He has headed three companies of his own, and during his tenure as senior partner at Patton Boggs, LLP was the firm's head of global business development. Mark's expertise in advising corporations, government entities, and foreign sovereigns on a wide array of business, regulatory, and trade issues make him a valuable asset for our team...  Read More