Tracking Economic Progress in the Charleston Metro Area

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Charleston Regional Development Alliance unveiled their 2015 Regional Economic Scorecard at this morning's Power Breakfast Series event. The panel was lead by President/CEO of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Bryan DeBerry, and President of the Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) David Ginn. Two other members of the panel, Mary Graham, Chamber of Commerce and Steve Warner, VP Global Marketing CRDA, presented the Economic Scorecard to the audience. The discussion centered around Charleston's economic development, examining trends in relation to 10 years ago, 2014, and also against comparative communities throughout the United States. Other areas of focus were: an expressed need for infrastructure development, the transformation of Charleston to a STEM based economy, the development of advanced industries in the region, economic health data, talent recruitment and retainment, and specific needs the region would need to act on to continue following its current growth trend.

Here is a link to the 2015 Regional Economic Scorecard