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If you have fallen in love with Charleston, you are not alone. The city has been awarded numerous accolades for its quality of life and economic development; and the future has never looked brighter for this charming southern destination. If you are not sure how to leave the security of your current situation but want to live the lifestyle Charleston offers, then we are here to make your dream of relocating a reality. We not only want to help you make this move possible but we want to help remove the risk involved in doing so.

We don’t just sell our clients on what we have in our existing portfolio, we match our clients with their goals.

We know that a healthy work/life balance is something that many people desire to achieve. We pride ourselves on our ability to place our clients in business investments that align with both their financial goals and lifestyle preferences.

Our process is very simple

  1. You tell us what cash flow or discretionary income you want from your business investment.
  2. You tell us the amount you have to invest.
  3. You tell us about your professional background, the capabilities and experience you have, and the resources that you possess. 
  4. We find you a business investment that fits your criteria.


Charleston boasts an exceptional year-round quality of life for those who seek a healthier work/life balance. Centered around the beautiful and historical Charleston Harbor, one is never far from the ocean. Beach and boat enthusiasts alike have access to a multitude of options, and for land lovers there is equal opportunity for enjoyment. Some of the activities that Charleston boasts are: a world class food scene, historical landmarks, architectural preservation, the arts, recreational boating, fishing, sailing, tennis, golf, biking, hunting, and many more outdoor activities which are restricted to a small portion of the year in northern climates.

The growing list of strengthening business sectors include: manufacturing, technology, distribution, government, aerospace, and health care, all of which contribute to creating ample opportunity for employment. The economic environment is equally favorable for someone looking to start, expand, or buy an established business. These are just some of the reasons why Charleston has rapidly become an internationally recognized destination for business investment.  Charleston also provides an accommodating environment for (and assistance towards) start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavors.  If you are looking to start your own venture we can help with business strategy optimization, and connect you with the most effective resources.

In addition to the superb quality of life in Charleston, relocating to the area makes sense from an practical point of view as well. The cost of living is low, home prices are affordable (but appreciating), unemployment is low and the city provides great parks, schools and recreational programs for families with children. 

Our firm wants to help you take advantage of all Charleston has to offer when it comes to both your professional and personal life.  Give us a call and we’ll give you the skinny on Charleston.  If you already have plans to be in Charleston let us know and we will arrange a meeting.  Here in the South it’s not uncommon for meetings and networking to take place on the golf course, over a casual lunch, or reeling in a redfish in the Lowcountry marsh, so give us a call.