Hector Molini

Hector Molini possessed a strong entrepreneurial drive even from an early age.  Born in a coastal town in Puerto Rico and raised in a single parent household,  he taught himself how to build websites when he was a teenager.  Hector would charge businesses for his service and used the profits from his work to pay for travel expenses for his advanced level soccer team, a top 5 team in the U.S.

Hector's determination earned him a spot on the men’s soccer team at the College of Charleston and after graduating with an International Business Degree he set his eyes on broadening his horizons.  He found a perfect match in sailing, where the job took him to places he never would have imagined.  One unique part of Hector’s experience abroad was his exposure to a wide range of elite clientele ranging from highly successful businessmen to U.S. and foreign government officials.

The relationships he formed while sailing fueled his ambition to fulfill his entrepreneurial drive and Hector headed back stateside.  Hector participated in the early stages of a start-up business and it was during this tenuous process when he realized there was a need for servicing small business owners.  Hector saw an immediate need to serve individuals who are subject matter experts but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to expand their business or properly develop a plan to exit.

Hector chose to return to school and complete his MBA with a focus in Finance. Hector’s strategic mindset, strong networking skills, determination, and self-awareness are the personality traits and reasons why his peers recommend him. Hector’s ability to adapt and develop relationships with people of all backgrounds complement his already strong skill set. 



College of Charleston, MBA

College of Charleston, BS International Business, Minor in Spanish