Our process begins with gaining a complete understanding of our client's products and (or) services. We then assess the scale of demand in a variety of new markets, find possible matches, diagnose the best opportunity, and proceed to execution of contract. 

Once the target market has been selected we utilize our advisor network and call on 30+ year high-level relationships at the decision making level in both the private and government sector. We accompany our client to the host country(s) or organization(s) to meet with multiple prospective business partners and assess the validity of the market first-hand. We often will match our clients with a reputable and established partner in the foreign market. Partnering with an established business entity in a foreign country is often vital to success as it gives a foreign interest a reputable presence on the ground, established relationships, and increased credibility. 

We then help to finalize the contract and terms of agreement, providing assistance in navigating any regulatory hurdles. During this entire process we provide on-going support for our client and work closely to ensure that the process is successful and effective in creating a pipeline for future business.