While the thought of buying a business can be both an exciting and intimidating prospect to face, having a knowledgeable team at your side can help make the process much easier to handle. It is our job to help guide you through this process and evaluate every opportunity available in order to find the right match. 

You may be new to the area, switching careers, looking to expand your existing business, or just want to finally be your own boss. There are a litany of reasons why people look to purchase a business and we assist in the process of evaluating the options so that you can set yourself up for success from day one.   

  1. You tell us what cash flow or discretionary income you want from your business investment.
  2. You tell us the amount you have to invest.
  3. You tell us about your professional background, the capabilities and experience you have, and the resources that you possess. 
  4. We find you a business investment that fits your criteria.


It is never too early to start preparing your exit strategy. Whether you are thinking about retirement, want to change careers, are moving locations or passing on the business to someone else, it is important to structure that process from an early stage to capture the most value for your hard work and investment. 

So often business owners are busy running their business and fail to properly prepare themselves for the future. We work with our clients to plan for retirement, strengthen their future options, prepare for career changes and increase their financial flexibility. Also, because you never know what life will throw at you it is also important to be prepared for a life altering event so that you and your business face minimal exposure. Because we understand what people evaluate when they look to purchase a business, and have a book of clients who are actively searching for opportunities, we can help you structure your business so that you are rewarded for what you have developed.     

  1. We conduct a Confidential Business Evaluation in order to gain an understanding of your business and its value. This helps us to properly price and market your business.
  2. We provide due diligence expertise to help streamline the selling process. This may involve participation from a CPA or valuation expert from within our network to ensure that all financial information is accurate and complete.  
  3. We set an achievable price based on industry comparables and market transaction history.
  4. We sell your business! 


If you are ready to grow your business and want to expand into a larger location or acquire another established business to add to your portfolio we help diagnose and evaluate prospective growth targets.